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2.500.000 TL

Field for sale in Fethiye Kızılbel

The field in Kızılbel, one of the most popular districts of Fethiye in the recent period, is for sale. Field;

- It is approximately 7000m2,

- Parcellation work is already being done.

- After the completion of the work in question, approximately 10 villas with a base residence of 50 m2 will be able to be built.

- There are stone villas under construction in the region and the sales price of each of them varies between 3500000 - 4500000 Turkish Liras.

- Currently, 6 of these villas have been completed and two families have started to live in practice.

- It is in a very convenient location both in terms of investment and session.

- The land, which can be evaluated both commercially and privately, is very advantageous.

- The location on the map is simulated. It is strongly requested to come by appointment.

- Immovable Trade Authorization Certificate No: 4800193

CONTACT: 05336836976